Plattform für die neuen Alten


Images-39Jeannette Meyer from Tübach is the first president of the Association SeniorWeb Schweiz

Jeannette Meyer in Tübach, first half a year of President VereinsSeniorWeb Switzerland, is committed to the expansion of seniorweb der Internet platform for dieGeneration 50+.

There is a silent change in our society. Due to increasing life expectancy and a declining birth rate, a demographic age wave is rolling on us unstoppably. The economy and politics must work together to meet the challenge of an aging society.

But the vast majority of Swiss senior citizens are no longer old, poor and gray. But on the contrary. Jeannette Meyer, herself part of the generation 50+, knows what she is talking about: “We babyboomers are self-confident, open and curious, active, attractive and consumptive.”

New feeling of life

Images-37For these spoiled by wealth and by a new awareness of life embossed age group in mid-1998 was the Internet platform seniorweb  created. To help strengthen the exchange of experience, to support networking and to promote intergenerational approaches. Initiatives and sponsors for the first four years were Pro Senectute, Migros Kulturprozent and Eurag (interests of different European senior citizen groups). At the beginning of July last year the transfer to the recently founded association SeniorWeb Switzerland took place. Jeannette Meyer, the first president of the company, has been working since then, with her positive nature and almost limitless energy.

No half things

The native Baslerin has been living in Tübach for ten years, where she leads the Institut für Personality Promotion (IPF) at the Seeblickstrasse. At the moment, however, she is devoting herself fully to her new role as chairman of SeniorWeb, because Jeannette Meyer does not do half the things: “When I tackle something, right.” Often she is on the road, in addition to furniture, Microsoft and Bluewin, to win more companies for a partnership. It is also a matter of increasing awareness and promoting new members who can benefit from additional offers. For example benefits for products and services as well as annual events and meetings to promote contact possibilities.


In her current newsletter, the President encourages «passionate cooperation». The association is dependent on experienced and voluntarily working members “so that we are able to implement all our visions”. In addition, the Executive Board is also looking for talent with abilities in writing, summarizing, monitoring appointments and follow-up projects.

Events 2003

For 2003 there are already some events on the program. SeniorWeb will be present at the BEA Frühlingsmesse in Berne from 25 April to 4 May in a special show «Senior Citizens and Internet», will celebrate its first birthday on 17 June and will hold its Annual General Meeting in Lucerne on 2 September.

Wide selection of themes

Images-38Seniorweb  recorded monthly to 300 000. pageviews distributed to 35 000 visitors, who may use a variety of possibilities for information and communication. The elaborate but well-designed platform offers a large number of key words. From village square, arena, news, congratulations and life support to computer questions, social, chat and Mac forum. In addition there are numerous links to topics like health, travel, garden, culture, entertainment, media, money, seniorsites in Europe and international organizations. Members benefit from a password-protected area of additional offers and services. In addition, they are regularly sent a newsletter.