Nov 10, 2016

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Frauen setzen Zeichen für die Zukunft


Business and Professional Women (BPW) Wil celebrate their 20th anniversary

The Business and Professional Women (BPW) Club Wilfeiert on 13 June its 20th anniversary in the yard to Wil. The women take the occasion as an occasion to support the newly founded BPW club inToGo.

Download-15The 63 professional and business women of BPW Club Wil want to set a visible sign of friendship on their holiday. They support women in West African Togo who want to found their own BPW club. On the occasion of the anniversary evening, the guests of the Wilders, Willy, the President of BPW International, Antoinette Rüegg from Zurich, and the Swiss BPW club presidents, as well as their members, are invited to the event Edith Anumah, President and member of the BPW Club Hohoe in Ghana (on the border with Togo), will report on the difficult situation of women in Togo.

Generous donation

The speakers gave their support to the founding of the new BPW Club in Togo. To the 15 committed women from Togo have agreed to join the new BPW club. The Africans want to launch various projects for self-employed business women with enthusiasm and joy of life. To enable these visions to be realized, the Wiler BPW will give the new club a financial start-up of 10,000 francs from their club fund. In addition, the proceeds of the raffle will flow into the donation on the anniversary evening. The money is administered by the BPW-Club Wil in a trustee manner and gradually transferred to the club in Togo according to the presented budget.

Signs of friendship

With this generous gesture, Wiler BPW laid the foundations for a partnership with women in Togo. This relationship should be more than just an exchange between two cultures; In addition to the financial support, the Wilerinnen accompany the new club with their experiences. This view, which goes beyond the borders of one’s own club, actively contributes to the international network of the association. The jubilee event of June 13th in the Hof zu Wil will be marked by Africa, also culinary. In addition to a buffet of African delicacies and the sounds of African music, existing contacts will be strengthened and new relationships will be established, according to the BPW anniversary motto: “Together in the future.” (Mhe.)

Ideal platform

The BPW Clubs (Business and Professional Women) are the world’s largest network for women in employment in responsible positions. The International Association was founded in Geneva in 1930 by the American Lena Madesin Philipps. In 1947 BPW Switzerland was founded in Zurich. In the meantime there are 35 local clubs in Switzerland with over 2300 members. Women of all professions who are self-employed or bear the responsibility in business, culture and politics can become members. The BPW are parteipolitically independent and denominationally neutral.

Images-43The most important goals are qualitative equality between men and women as well as freedom of choice in the way of life. The promotion of networks for women helps in the implementation of the goals. To this end, the clube level of the BPW forms an ideal basis. «A World ofPeace – a peaceful world» is the international motto. In 2005, BPW Switzerland invites business and professional women from all over the world to attend the 25th International Congress in Lucerne, Switzerland, on the occasion of the 25th International Congress in Lucerne. The BPW Club Wil was founded in 1983 and currently has 63 members. Meeting points are in the courtyard on the first Wednesday of each month. The annual program includes presentations, lectures as well as cultural events.

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