Nov 10, 2016

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Schweizer Fernsehen rund um die Uhr

 Images-2The Swiss television DRS wants to position itself again as a transmitter with two programs on two channels. New programs are also in the night broadcast.
Zurich – In 2004, SF DRS (SF1, SF2 and SFinfo) in full-day average a consistently high market share of 34.5 per cent (-0.2 per cent). While there was an increase of 0.9 percentage points to 8.9 per cent in SF2, thanks to major sporting events such as the European Football Championship, the market share of SF1 fell by 1.2 percentage points to 24.8 per cent. The eve of SF1 alone recorded a loss of 2.9 percent. For this reason, the program will be redesigned between 4.30 pm and 7 pm, as TV director Ingrid Deltenre explained at the annual media conference of SF DRS on Wednesday in Zurich.

ea0ec7e29e1d459b8055764bf847dd70SF1 to stand out on the eve of stresses Swiss transmissions from foreign competition. The program includes the “Tagesschau” at 18 o’clock, followed by the game show “5gegen5” and People magazine, “Glanz & Gloria”. Then follow “Schweiz aktuell” as well as the main edition of the “Tagesschau”. SF2 relies on series. The main evening on SF1 will continue to be characterized by information transmissions. On the other hand, SF2 is increasingly becoming a channel for sports, series, feature films as well as events and thus appeals to a younger or young audience. According to TV director Deltenre, SF DRS won more young audiences last year. With the repositioning of SF1 and SF2, a full program will be broadcasted around the clock for the first time since the end of March. At night repetitions from the main and late evening are to be shown.

Comedy offering expands
The daily program gives a clear structure: On SF1 are morning reruns of news and educational TV to see and afternoon entertainment programs. At the same time, SF2 shows live sports, children’s programs as well as feature films and series. As Deltenre said, the comedy offer is expanded, with a street comedy with hidden camera and a sketch show. In addition, a self-produced sitcom is to be shown in the late autumn. The TV director also announced a series of new broadcasts for 2005 – for example, “Traumjob – nur ein schafft es”, a documentary series from the Hotelfachschule Lucerne, the Mister Switzerland election and a new Saturday evening music broadcast.

A couple stands in front of a railway station in Zurich September 21, 2012. REUTERS / Arnd Wiegmann

With the new program structure and the new program is SF DRS will reposition the transmitter with two programs on two channels. Deltenre assumes that this conversion takes two to four years. As far as finance is concerned, she said that a fee increase is currently not an issue. Deltenre returned with satisfaction to her first year as director of SF DRS. New formats such as “MusicStar” or “Life as in Gotthelf’s Times” had been audience races. For success, the program would have contributed about major events in sports and special programs about on the tsunami disaster.
2004 was a year of new departures, explained Deltenre. Important strategic, organizational and personnel decisions were made. “A little storm has passed through our house,” she said. Now go on in smaller steps.