Nov 10, 2016

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Velo-Werkstatt wird Künstleratelier


The values of Hans Mueller’s small “Goldia” bike museum are preserved

In the goldsmith’s workshop, where Hans Müller had been running a bicycle shop for decades and built up and expanded the Velomarke “Goldia”, Jonny Müller directed his artist.


sammeln-velos-velafricaGoldach. The painter Jonny Müller has kept close ties with his father’s business. He spent much of his childhood here, where Mother Nellymüller-Kellenberger had been supporting her husband at work since 1949. In fact, Jonny was the father’s successor, and he also learned the profession of the mechanic in an initial training. It was notoriously different: Jonny Müller early discovered his creative abilities, built sculptures, continued painting and drawing with Josef Eggler, became head of the photo department of an industrial enterprise and finally freelance artist.

Careful handling

But the close relation to the father’s workshop compels Jonny Mueller, who says he now takes leave of part of his childhood and adolescence, for careful handling of what has become. Thus no real conversion of the workshop is planned. It is only cleared. The ceilings and walls are painted brightly and the floors polished. Otherwise one can still feel something of the paternal trades in Jonny Mueller’s artist’s elf.

Values remain together

What happens with all the precious historical bikes, the pictures of the “Goldia” cyclists and all the other things that remind us that the brand “Goldia” once made the name of the village of Goldach known in international bicyclists, The St.Gallerstrasse to the small «Goldia» bike museum, we wanted to know from Jonny Müller. Only a few separate pieces had been handed over to friends who were friends, he replied, to assure that the valuable pieces would remain together and be stored together in the previous studio. “So I have time to think about what might happen to them.” Maybe there is a solution, for example, with the Automuseum in Rorschacher Hafen and the Fliegermuseum in Altenrhein. Otherwise, however, it would be difficult at present to reach a collection or a museum where such items were actually exhibited. “Even if you were to go to the transport center in Lucerne or a similar institution, the old bicycles would disappear in the cellar, and at most you would be singled out and shown for a specific special exhibition,” Jonny Müller fears.


An open studio

In former business premises, the artist will now set up rooms to work creatively. He will create space for work accessories and – on the upper floor of the house – an archive. Where the shop windows are now facing the St. Gallenstrasse, the artist wants to present the latest works without setting up an actual gallery. Anyone who knows Jonny Müller knows that his studio will be an open space where there is room for events for friends and an artist’s room in which other creative people can work.