Nov 10, 2016

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Wie die Pferde zu Goldeseln werden


A study by the HSG shows that the CSIO brings four million Swiss francs to the St. Gallen region – tourists are eager for more “events”

What does a sporting event for a region bring? At the HSG, a method was developed with which this can be quantified. The example CSIO St. Gallen shows why “events” can be lucrative.

Is it worthwhile to bring a sports event to St. Gallen? What would be expected of cultural festivals? And how much money do participants in a large congress in the region lie? There are usually only estimates of such questions. Now, however, the HSG has developed a method for calculating the utility at least in the case of sports events. Seven Swiss “events” were examined in the study; One is the biennial CSIO on the grounds moss.


images-44The value added, which is achieved with the horse sport days, is striking. The study speaks of four million francs, which flow into the region. Nationwide it is 7.5 million, which thanks to the St. Gall horse jumping into different cashes flow. This is a comparatively high amount. In the region itself, only a value added of 0.6 million was calculated for a ski race in St. Moritz which was also under investigation. Behind St. Gallen, there are also other case studies: the rowing championship in Lucerne brought the direct region “only” 3.4 million, the Lauberhorn race 3.5 million. The study is prudent in determining the numbers. Not every visitor to the Grundmoos is assumed to have traveled to St. Gallen because of the CSIO. For a North German, for example, he would be asked if he was a random or targeted CSIO guest. In the case of a random passenger, the travel expenses should not be considered as a result of the CSIO. And also attention is paid to how a sports event in the regional hotel landscape “takes place”. In a mountain area, for example, the beds are occupied in the winter. As a ski race can not add much more revenue. Perhaps even more regular customers are still driven out or are annoyed by the sporting rising prices.


Such a negative side effect is hardly to be feared by CSIO St. Gallen. He falls into a time when there are enough free beds; Correspondingly high is the tourist benefit. The CSIO also has an energy consumption of 1.1 million Megajoule (equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of about 60 single-family houses). This is far less than is required at other sports events. At the World Rowing Championships in Lucerne it is 100 times, while the Lauberhorn Race is 32 times more. The St. Galler number gives the CSIO a good note in the field of environmental compatibility: a true Minergie event. The HSG study was designed to provide organizers with the means to measure the economic effects of major events. For René Romanin, President of St. Gallen-Bodensee Tourism, however, the case study CSIO suggests that the St. Gallen region should have a series of major events (sports and culture). Their acquisition is therefore targeted.

Heinz Rütter / Jürg Stettler: “Economic Effects of Sport Events” (Jahrbuch 2002/03 Swiss Tourism).

«Congress and event managers»

images-45Hotel beds are not filled automatically. In order to attract guests, St. Gallen-Bodensee Tourism focuses on congresses and events. In the opinion of René Romanin, the President of the Tourist Board, around eight major events would be ideal. If possible, repeat them annually or every two years. This allows the know-how of the previous year to be used and the effort to be kept within limits.

In order to bring congresses and events to St. Gallen, a “congress and event manager” is now to be hired on New Year’s Day. The job vacancy published in the summer had attracted great attention, says Romanin. A surprising number of applications were received. For him, a sign that experts believed both in the future of St. Gallens and in the correctness of the concept. The candidate evaluation should be completed by the end of this month. The task of the manager would be to bring new events or congresses to St. Gallen. In addition, he / she should help those local organizers who are already involved in the preparation of a large event.